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Massage4Biz - Events & Articles

Events and Articles

RCL Cruises Golf Day 10 May 2018

A great day with RCL Cruises at the iTravel event at Bonnie Doon Golf Club. Wonderful weather and great people. Everyone loved the massage. 

Let us help with your next event! Give us a call massage4biz 0295279494 or email inof@massage4biz.com.au

10 May 2018

Does your body ache from sitting behind your computer all day?

Does your body ache from sitting behind your computer all day?

Workplace massage can help.

How? By focusing on Pressure Points, Massage and Stretches.


The therapist comes into the office bringing the Massage Chair with them. While you sit and relax in the chair, they activate pressure points throughout the inflicted areas.

Extra blood flow goes into the areas, repairing the area and taking away waste.

By activating a pressure point the ‘pain’ signal to your brain from the stressed nerve running through the pressure point is disrupted and there is a good chance the ‘pain’ signal doesn’t return.

Massage will relax the tense muscles.

And a few strategic stretches at the end of the session will lengthen those shortened muscles and get you back in the correct posture…..

Making you feel a whole lot better!


Try it at your workplace!


For a free quote email info@massage4biz.com.au or give us a call 029579494!

29 October 2018

Massage Event for the Mums of St Catherine Primary School Gymea overlooking Port Hacking!

Julie from Skindeepoz.com organised a Massage Morning for the mums of St Catherine Primary School of Gymea through Massage4biz. The location is the beautiful location of Youth Works Deer Park in the Royal National Park. The view is the Port Hacking river! The two therapists were fully booked using our booking system and we were able to add a few at the end who missed out. It was a great day!


Student Event Murdoch Uni Perth Windy but Great Day!

On 27 February 2020 The Student Guild of Murdoch Uni Perth organised a great day for their student!! Massage4biz was there to massage the students!! A moment just to relax after climbing, dancing and eating!!

A great day!!!


Harley Heaven Alexandria In-Store Ladies Event Saturday 3 June

Masssage4biz are excited to be there to pamper the ladies with a manicurist and massage therapist!!

3 June 2017

Sydney Build Expo 2017

Thursday 30 and Friday 31 March 2017

It was a great succes!! Manypeople in the building industry experienced what is like to receive a professional seated massage. Thank you for visiting our stand!!

30 March 2017

Coastal Classic Run (A Maximum Adventure Event)

We were at this run in October 2016 at the grounds of the Bundeena RSL giving the runners a well deserved massage. It was a great day!!

October 2016

How to keep your staff happy!

"THE CEO'S CHECKLIST FOR KEEPING EMPLOYEES HAPPY AND FULFULLED" by James Parsons, guest writer at entrepeneur.com.

There are 7 aspects:

  1. Allow individuality in dress code. ...
  2. Provide tools for success. ...
  3. Make training and learning available. ...
  4. Thank employees for good work. ...  
  5. Customize rewards. ...
  6. Be open and available. ...
  7. Offer responsibility, don't assign. ...
  8. Provide workplace flexibility.   


June 2018

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