Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the maximum hours a therapist can work in a day?
A senior massage therapist can work up to 7 hours of massage a day. These might seem long, but breaks are in place throughout the day. And the therapist uses body weight and certain techniques that enables the therapist to massage for that length of time.
2. Will the massage client get oily?
No. When using the massage chair or desk to desk no oil or cream is used. The massage technique is through the clothing. Using the massage table or the reclining chair oil or cream may be used. This is wiped off with cloth leaving the client without oil or cream when going back to work.
3. Parking?
Each job is different and in certain cases when it is essential that a parking spot is needed the client will be invoiced the parking amount. But this is discussed before the job gets started.
4. Clothing requirements?
The massage can be given through any clothing. Usually if the client is wearing a jacket, shawl, tie they will be asked to remove it or loosen some clothing.
5. Pregnant?
All therapists are qualified massage therapist, either cert 4 or diploma and are aware of the needs of a pregnant woman.
6. Can the massage hurt me?
Before the massage gets started the therapist will ask the massage client to sign a disclaimer. If there are any medical conditions the therapist needs to know; it is the client's responsibility to disclose this information. If you are a healthy person the massage cannot hurt you.
7. Is the therapist a man or a woman, and can the company state a preference?
The company can state their preference. All our therapists are professional, kind and very qualified to give your staff a massage.
8. Provide health receipts?
Only for the 45 minutes table massage can a health receipt be written for a massage client. This requirement must be disclosed to M4B before the job gets started so the right therapist gets sent to the job.
9. Hygiene practices?
The therapists are very aware of hygiene. All headrests are covered with tissues each time a new massage clients gets on the massage chair, table. The therapist either washes their hands with soap after every client or uses hand sanitizing. When removing oil or cream from a massage client a new towel is used each time.
10. What if the therapist cannot attend the session?
This hardly ever happens but in case the therapist is ill or has a travel accident on the way to a session, a new massage booking will be scheduled.